About Us

The philosophy is based on the creation of something new from classical masterpieces and their subsequent intervention.

This calculated intrusion reveals a game of contrasts that parodies the art world with an interesting twist. This alteration of classical art comes from one or more elements that are out of place and time. Victorian women consulting a smartphone, a monarch from a long-gone empire wearing Jordan sneakers, the Mona Lisa riding a bicycle through the streets of modern-day Florence, a Parisian painting by Toulouse-Lautrec in which a passerby contemplates a series of punk concert posters, a female figure from ancient Greece taking a selfie, Napoleon riding a giant blue balloon shaped like a dog. The list is endless, just like his entire catalog.

"Altered Art, Altered concept"

His collection includes over 150 artworks that connect past masters with the modern era, offering an art that is altered with classical essence.

Dikhotomy does not intend to shock. It aims to focus on those modern elements of our society that surround and dominate us without us realizing it. By taking us on this journey through time with classical art characters, it generates a calculated reaction that places us as spectators in a questioned reflection of our own situation in the current context.

A single detail is enough to see ourselves represented in this whirlwind of consumption and immediacy from which we cannot escape, and it shows us this stylistic bifurcation, a mixture of irreverence and genius, which always has an impact on the viewer.

About the artist

Nando is the creative mind and co-founder of Dikhotomy. He was born in a small town in Germany and grew up in Barcelona.

He graduated in Advertising Design in 1998 and right after his education, spent his first years as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies, later specializing as an illustrator for the fashion industry. About 6 years ago, he started working as a freelancer and combined different branding and illustration projects with the creation of his most personal works, without any profit motive.

What started as a fun personal project became a new artistic challenge that expanded his creative career. Currently, he lives in a small town on the coast of Maresme near Barcelona, where he has found an ideal lifestyle to develop his work.